Snowplowable Reflective Pavement Markers

Snowplowable reflective pavement markers (RPM’s) have provided uncompromising wet-night delineation for motorists for many years. Guidemark built specialized, high-production, truck-mounted equipment for both cutting the recess for the marker and dispensing the epoxy adhesive that secures the marker in the roadway surface.

Significant enhancement to worker safety has been achieved by designing epoxy-dispensing equipment with worker safety in mind. The operator installing markers performs the work from the relative safety of the front of the truck, rather than from a lift-gate off the back of a truck where the operator is exposed to vehicular traffic approaching from behind. The equipment is sized and powerful enough for the marker installation process to keep pace with the cutting process. This allows the two operations to stay together in a very tight formation, thereby offering protection for the installation operator from traffic approaching from either direction.