Recessed Pavement Markings

Recessed Pavement Markings are primarily used to protect markings from snowplow damage. Recessing markings has proven to be especially useful protecting investments made in “wet-night” reflective technology products.

By grooving the road surface and recessing the marking in the groove, plows cannot scrape the lines off the surface. Grooves are precisely ground into the roadway surface to a depth of 0.090” to protect liquid (epoxy/polyurea/MMA) markings and 0.110” deep to protect preformed tapes and thermoplastic markings.

Guidemark is an industry leader in the installation of recessed pavement markings. Surface smoothness and cleanliness of the groove is of the utmost importance for marking performance. Therefore, Guidemark uses specialized state-of-the-art, truck-mounted grooving equipment, along with powerful truck-mounted vacuum machines to contemporaneously vacuum the grinding debris. Guidemark has the proven capability and capacity to groove asphalt or concrete roadways cleanly and efficiently so as to complete projects expeditiously.