Our industry has developed over the need for driver safety. At Guidemark, we also believe that employee safety is paramount. Employees are safest when they are physically separated from vehicular traffic; therefore we strive to keep our colleagues off the roads and in the trucks whenever possible.

One example of our commitment to safety is our innovative recess marker installation process. Typically, the worker is on the rear of a truck dispensing the epoxy adhesive and placing the markers, exposed to traffic approaching from the rear. The innovative procedure utilized by Guidemark consists of an operator station mounted on the front of a heavy duty truck along with unique pumping equipment designed and developed at Guidemark. Powerful pumps deliver epoxy adhesive to the front of the truck where the operator works in relative safety protected by the grinding truck immediately in front, grinding the depression for the reflector, and the dispensing/installation truck on the front of which the operator is stationed. This arrangement allows us to better control the installation operator’s environment by protecting our colleague from vehicle encroachment from both the front and rear.

Safety is also a factor in making decisions based on customer need. For example, pavement marking removal has become such an integral part of highway construction that the time to perform this work is critical during traffic pattern switches. Due to safety considerations involving traffic volume and the potential for long delays, this work may need to be performed in a compressed time frame. With one of the largest pavement marking removal fleets in the country, Guidemark’s high-performance, high-production machines can accomplish the work within the time constraints, minimizing the impact on traffic by reducing the time the motorists are in a queue and, thereby, reducing the risk to the motorists. This is especially applicable on limited access highways with elevated speed limits.

LimnTech Scientific grew out of Guidemark’s safety efforts. At LimnTech, they are researching and developing new technology to improve safety and efficiency in the pavement marking industry. New, GPS/machine vision-based technology will greatly improve safety during the re-marking process.

The chart below shows the consistency and impressiveness of our Worker Compensation Experience Modification Factor. While there is minor fluctuation inherent from year to year, our Experience Mod numbers consistently earn the trust of customers and potential customers.